Importing Non-regulated products

Importing Non-regulated products

Selling on Amazon Japan?

Japan is one of Amazon’s fastest growing markets. It has the third-largest economy and the most populous city, Tokyo. Japan has a high consumer spending market. This provides perfect opportunities for Amazon sellers to successfully sell their products. COVUE will help foreign sellers using Amazon Japan to make the entry process simple and affordable.

Importing to Amazon Japan FBA

Importing products to FBA Japan comes with many regulations and documentation requirements at Japan customs. Do not worry, COVUE IOR will simply the process. We are the only online Japan IOR system that will help you control your import process and documentation. We will also protect your distribution rights in Japan. At COVUE IOR, we want to make importing for online sellers of all sizes an effortless and smooth process.

Steps for Importing Non-Regulated products to FBA Japan using COVUE.

  1. Create an account and register your company on COVUE IOR online.
  2. Register your products. All product must be registered and approved prior to shipping
  3. Create your Shipping Invoice using COVUE IOR online
  4. Attach your FOSR documentation
  5. Contact the shipping company of your choice.
It is important to check product eligibility. Not sure what category your product is? Check here
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