I need an Importer of Record, can you be the IOR?

I need an Importer of Record, can you be the IOR?

First, we need to know your products for import to check if there are additional regulatory processes. 




Product Import Application

These are the categories that need import application every time you ship your products

  1. Shelf-Stable Foods
  2. Food Apparatus
  3. Toys under 6 and Baby Products

 Regulatory Product Approval

MHLW Product Approval prior to import only IOR can import 

  1. Cosmetics
  2. Quasi-drugs
  3. CBD
  4. Medical Device Class I

Supplemental Import Application

  1. Electronics - PSE
  2. Japan Radio
It is important to check your products before the actual import to avoid being stuck in Japan Customs. Not sure what category your product is? Check the Product Eligibility here: https://www.covue.com/product-eligibility-check/                                                                                                                                                   
COVUE is a trustworthy Japanese company that has import licenses for many product categories. We permit our customers to import under our licenses. Know more about Japan IOR here https://www.covue.com/japan-ior/

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