How to provide shipping invoice documents

How to provide shipping invoice documents

Declared Shipping Value for  Foreign Online Sellers

Japan Import laws have changed!

If you do not have a registered Japanese company and you sell online in Japan, you are considered a Foreign Online Seller.

  1. All imports pay 10% Tax  + Duty Tax
  2. You cannot import (ship) any products into Japan without providing documentation (Online Account Report) that supports that your Declared Value is the Same as your Japan Online Selling Price.

If you attempt to Import your product without the Online Selling Report, your shipment will be stopped in Customs. Your shipment will not be permitted to enter Japan.


What are the documents you need to provide?

  1. FBA Commercial Invoice
  2. Foreign Online Account Seller Report
  3. FBA Simulator document



Step 1. Open your IOR Online Account and fill up the invoice generator

Step 2. Fill in the necessary details.


FOSR – Foreign Online Seller Report

Step 3. Check regular price and ASIN number on Amazon (If products are currently unavailable, please provide “manage inventory” page. Screenshot or print to pdf all products you are going to put on your FBA Commercial Shipping Invoice.

Step 4: Save to pdf your Profile page. Seller Name must match the Company name. If not, provide the legal entity page.

Step 5: Go back to your Invoice, and fill in the ASIN and Online Price

Image 1.1

Note: Online Selling Price must match your declared price in your commercial invoice.



Step 5: Go to计算FBA费用.

Step 6: Enter the ASIN and click search to calculate FBA Charge

Step 8: Screenshot or print to PDF each FBA Simulator.

Step 9: List the FBA Listing Fee and FBA Shipping Fee your invoice generator

Step 10: After you get the FBA Online Selling Price, FBA Listing Fee, and Shipping Fee, you need to calculate the Unit Value.

Formula to calculate: FBA Online Selling Price – FBA Listing Fee – Shipping Fee = Unit Value

Sample: 1999 – 160 – 282 = 1557



To complete your shipping invoice, merge all files using and request IOR Shipping Invoice.

See sample of complete shipping invoice files here 


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